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So... what is

The Journey

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Journey Therapy works at a profoundly deep level because it allows you to access and transform old memories and emotions stored within the body that are causing illness or disharmony in your life. Facilitated by the practitioner these life altering processes give birth to the enormous potential you have within you.


How the processes work:

The process clears out emotional blocks, energetic blocks and old cell memories that are preventing you from living your full potential, or creating ill health. Through accessing, clearing, changing the memories/ blocks, and liberating your own inner Source's profound healing takes place. The processes are guided inner Journeys facilitated by a Journey Practitioner which takes place in a comfortable, relaxed state with the eyes closed.


Ways Journeywork can heal your life


  • The Journey is for EVERYONE... whether you feel a simple desire to improve the quality of your life or are desperate to change some physical or emotional aspect of your life, journeywork makes it possible to achieve.


  • Harnessing this inner wisdom and love, deep emotional or physical blocks are cleared out; finally relieving yourself of the root cause of difficulties that have been holding you back in life.


  • Uncovering and clearing out cell memories and limiting patterns, allows the body to begin a deep healing process, and to experience true freedom within.


" Across the globe, tens of thousands of people use Journeywork to discover true freedom in their lives. They're discovering their own answers and uncovering their own deepest truth. They are clearing out past emotional blocks and physical challenges that have held them back. And they are finally healing on all levels of their being.


The Junior Journey for Children


The worldwide success of journeywork with children is testimony to it's profound healing and life changing abilities. For children as young as 5, this liberating therapy can address emotional and physical challenges in a child's life at a profoundly deep level, in a simple, fun and creative way.


•How Journeywork can benefit your child

•What is Journeywork for children all about?

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•Working with small groups/Workshops

•Journeywork in schools

•Children with special needs


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How Journeywork can benefit your child?


  • Improved academic progress
  • Help children with learning difficulties or problems at school
  • Social and/or behavioural challenges
  • Improve relationships
  • Help children deal with emotional upsets or trauma such as a loss of a loved one, the separation of parents, or bullying
  • Increase their confidence and self esteem
  • Improve their ability to communicate about their feelings
  • Give them inner resources to better deal with challenges they face in day to day life
  • Any Physical conditions, from Asthma to broken bones


“ Eight-year-old Matthew was diagnosed with ADD. He was withdrawn, hostile and failing at school. After three Journey processes, he is now warmly affectionate and top of his class.” Brandon Bays, 2003 (The Journey™ for kids)

What is Journeywork for children all about?


The Junior Journey is part of The Journey ™ program developed by Brandon Bays to facilitate healing on all levels, emotional, physical and spiritual. It is a profound, yet simple process designed to access hidden traumas, repressed emotions and cell memories that result in emotional or physical disharmony.


These disharmonies create problems for children in various areas of their lives as they struggle to cope with every day situations, often ‘acting out’ the stored pain or becoming quiet and withdrawn, preventing them from living their full potential, sometimes developing physical symptoms.


The process allows children to access these emotions and express them in a supported, constructive way, finally reaching a place of forgiveness and understanding. During their journey they will receive inner qualities that will help them cope better in the future.


The Junior Journey process reads like a fairy tale, and takes the children on an exciting inner adventure. Children who have experienced journeywork have loved the way they ‘create’ their own journey.


Private sessions


Private Journey session give you or your child the opportunity to experience journeywork tailored to your specific needs, in a safe, private environment.

Working in small groups/ Workshops?

  • These Fun Healing workshops for kids (and parents) are designed to be enjoyable yet at the same time deeply uplifting and healing. Helping children liberate their potential.
  • Children (and their parents) will complete a junior journey as a part of a small roup.
  • The children complete ‘Before’ and ‘After’ drawings or paintings expressing their emotions. These pictures are often clear representation of the amazing shifts that take place during the journey process.
  • To support the amazing changes that take place during the journey process the children participate in simple self-esteem and confidence building activities.
  • Children may act out or share their experiences.
  • Fun, games and quiet time.


Please contact London THerapy to set up a workshop in your School, local community or in your area.


Journeywork in schools

The benefits of using journeywork with children is being well documented in South Africa (and other countries across the globe) at present. The incredible results the schools and their communities have gained from the journeywork has inspired me to reach out to schools in London and give children the opportunity to be free of limiting patterns, blocks, behaviours that are holding them back in life, whether personally, socially or academically.


To Head teachers and teachers

This is an invitation to you to explore a new avenue of addressing fundamental issues in children in your school in a simple, cost effective way, bringing greater happiness and higher levels of achievement.


Having worked in schools for 10 years (in South Africa and the UK) I am very aware of the current pressures on children and teachers to achieve very high standards; The stresses both teachers and children face being in a classroom with children with such diverse needs and diverse backgrounds; plus the kinds of behavioral challenges occurring both in the classroom and on the playground.


What can Journeywork do for your school?

  • Raise academic standards by supporting children with learning and or behavioural difficulties and releasing their inner genius
  • Reduce bullying by addressing core issues in aggressive children
  • Build confidence and raise the self esteem of children of all ages
  • Help children (and staff) deal with emotional upsets and traumas
  • Support children dealing with any challenging circumstances
  • Empowers staff by giving them practical skills and techniques that can be used in all sorts of challenging situations
  • Facilitate open communication between staff and children
  • Improve relationships
  • Create a happier more peaceful environment
  • Happier children means happier staff


The junior Journey process is a simple process easily implemented in the classroom, small groups or with individual children, requiring nothing more than a safe space.


Call 020 8291 5112 to discuss the various cost effective ways you can bring Journeywork to the children in your school


Children with special needs

In order for a child to complete the Junior Journey process they need to have some ability to think creatively or in an abstract way. The child also has to be able to concentrate for at least 5 to 10 minutes although they do not have to be sitting still for this time. I am open to working with ANY child I believe has the capacity to benefit from Journeywork, in a creative manner with the hope of facilitating healing. I believe it will be most effective if a child has at least the mental age of a 5 year old. Please feel free to call me and chat about any queries about a child with specific needs.

Ultimately every child is unique and so the Journey process will be tailored to the child's specific needs.



The Journey for kids - Liberating your child's shining potential

by Brandon Bays (Published by Element 2003)


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Experience freedom from dis-ease

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The Journey is now

recognized internationally as one of the most powerful healing processes available, accessing the body's own healing wisdom at the deepest level of 'source' or the soul.

"I've used Deborah many times to help me with my healing - both remedial and developmental. As someone who's been on a long healing journey for over sixteen years, I know expertise when I find it. Deborah has it in spades. And it's often difficult to define - when someone is so capable, and accepting, that their intuition and skill always leads to healing that ranges from the purely nurturing to the remarkable and utterly life-changing. Little wonder, then, that I have recommended Deborah to several of my friends, and I recommend her to you."

ROB, London

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