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Join like minded-people for a 1 day workshop of self exploration, self discovery and transformation in a creative and powerful way.

Using strategies and tools from Art Therapy, The Journey™, EFT (tapping), Liberating Touch ® and Jin Shin Jyutsu, as well as teachings from many other inspirational people and coaches, Deborah has developed a fantastic fun day where you can feel relaxed, supported and safe. You will experience first hand and learn mindfulness and therapuetic tools to create lasting change in your life. Reduce stress, bring balance and purpose into your life. Find that deeper meaning or fulfillment you may be searching for.


Dates for 'Creative Connections Workshops' 2018


Tuesday 16 October 2018              Saturday 10 November 2018           

Tuesday 13 November 2018                 

Tuesday 11 December 2018                 




Attend a workshop to be supported through life's challenges while learning skills you can take home with you.

Plus have a fun, fulfilling day with interesting, like-minded people.

Choose you.

I have learnt first hand the importance and power of taking care of myself and well-being before trying to be there for my friends and family. 

I have also learnt the importanace of self-responsibility and that real change will always start with me. 

  • alleviate stress, tension and fatigue

  • pain relief, physical projects

  • balance emotions, release past trauma

  • Detoxify, re-balance and regenerate the whole being (body, mind and soul)

  • Babies with digestion or sleep issues, or post birth trauma

  • During pregnancy for wellnees for you and your developing child

Deborah Lacy

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Deborah Lacy is a qualified Energy Therapists that specialises in deep transformation work. She also has an MA in Art Psychotherapy which she draws on for her Creative Connections workshops



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