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The Journey

Journey Therapy works at a profoundly deep level because it allows you to access and transform old memories and emotions stored within the body that are causing illness or disharmony in your life. Facilitated by the practitioner these life altering processes give birth to the enormous potential you have within you.


How the Journey processes work:


The process clears out emotional blocks, energetic blocks and old cell memories that are preventing you from living your full potential, or creating ill health. Through accessing, clearing, changing the memories/ blocks, and liberating your own inner Source's profound healing takes place.  The processes are guided inner Journeys facilitated by a Journey Practitioner which takes place in a comfortable, relaxed state with the eyes closed.


Ways Journeywork can heal your life


The Journey is for EVERYONE... whether you feel a simple desire to improve the quality of your life or are desperate to change some physical or emotional aspect of your life, journeywork makes it possible to achieve.


Harnessing this inner wisdom and love, deep emotional or physical blocks are cleared out; finally relieving yourself of the root cause of difficulties that have been holding you back in life.


Uncovering and clearing out cell memories and limiting patterns, allows the body to begin a deep healing process, and to experience true freedom within.

What can The Journey help me with?

The founder of The Journey, Brandon Bays, has created a unique and powerful to create healing and lasting change in your life. Here are some of the things The Journey can help you with...

  • Great for adults and children of all ages


  • overcoming childhood trauma 


  • going through major life event: Death of a loved one, divorce, serious illness


  • Any emotional struggle



  • wanting to live your live more authentically


  • finding your True purpose in life - what really matters to you?


  • struggling to find forgiveness


  • stuck in a rut?

Deborah Lacy

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Deborah Lacy is a qualified Energy Therapists that specialises in deep transformation work. She has an MA in Art Psychotherapy which she draws on for her Creative Connections workshops.




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