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Creative Connections Workshops

An opportuity to create real change in your life through creative self exploration and transformation with an experienced facilitator.


Experience and learn tools to manage stress, find more balance in your life and feel at peace with your choices.


Deborah draws from her experience with The Journey™ , Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or 'tapping'), Jin Shin Jyutsu (an energy harmonising art), Liberating Touch® and Art psychotherapy to create workshops to support people who are serious about creating postive and lasting change in their lives through accessing and transforming core beliefs as well as becoming more conscious of patterns that are running their lives, in a creative and supportive environment.


Learn simple, effective tools you can take away and use in your daily life.

Private Sessions

Deborah works in a unique way with clients drawing from years of experience across a wide range of therapies. 'Zoom' (online) sessions makes therapy convenient and accessible to anyone with internet access (and a bit of cash).


If you are tired of unconscious patterns & old beliefs systems running your life, are dealing with stress, anxiety or a loss, a relationship break up, health issues or just want to find your true potential in life and live your life more fully aligned to what is true for you, then Deborah is the therapist for you.


As a qualified Journey, EFT and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, as well as a qualified Liberating Touch Facilitator and Art Therapist (MAAP) with personal and client experiences Deborah knows the power and effectivenesss of these therapies. It is why she is passionate to share this work with people through 1:1 sessions, workshops and exclusive retreats.

VIP Intensive days

The VIP days are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the enregy of transformations in a full day of peronal nurtruring, support and luxury.. 


It includes a pre and post VIP day 1:1 session (online)

two Jin Shin jyustus sessions at the start and end of the day

a creative connections session using art materials 

and a personalised LiberatingTouch-EFT therapy session.


A wholesome vegetarian lunch will be provided as well as teas and refreshments throughout the day.



Therapy for Babies and Children

Jin Shin Jyutsu is perfect for babies (and children) as it is a non-invasive yet powerful hands on energy therapy. The Journey, Art Therapy and EFT are great for children of all ages. 


The Journey is a fantastic way to help children through trauma, stress, behaviour issues, physical 'projects' and with learning difficulties as it takes them on an inner adventure with their 'superhero' (higher self) to explore and transorm whatever is keeping them 'stuck' and give them wonderful new inner resources to move forward in life with ease.


Children respond enthusiastically to working with art materials or tapping (EFT) because of the freedom of expression it gives them. Before becoming a therapist Deborah worked with special needs children for ten years and has always had a love for supporting children in living their full potential and being happy.

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Deborah Lacy

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Deborah Lacy is a qualified Energy Therapists that specialises in deep transformation work. She has an MA in Art Psychotherapy which she draws on for her Creative Connections workshops.




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