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About Deborah Lacy



It is because of what all these therapies did for me, as well as my desire to help others find similar relief and fulfillment, that I chose this path of being a therapist.


Please feel assured that you will be supported, nurtured and encouraged on your healing journey when you choose to work with me.



Deborah has over 20 year's experience in working with children and adults to facilitate wellness and fulfilment in their lives. She currently runs London Therapy as a private practice in Forest Hill, South East London, working with adults and children of all ages, from all social-economic backgrounds. Her clients range from children as young as 5 who are struggling with things from bad dreams to behavioural challenges, to adults with life threatening illnesses, depression and other life challenges.


Deborah worked for 10 years as a class teacher in South Africa and the UK with children with a variety of special needs. Including moderate to Severe Learning Difficulties, Down syndrome, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, FAS, Visually Impaired and Autistic Spectrum Disorder.


Deborah is excited to have qualified as an Art Psychotherapist in 2017. During her training she worked with children with commnuication and social challenges (including children with ASD) as well as children with chronic illnesses in Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Personal note

I started London Therapy because I wanted to help children, families, teenagers and adults to feel whole, healthy and happy. To be able to live each day to their fullest potential, enjoying life to the best of their ability. To improve the QUALITY of life of individuals regardless of what appears to be limiting them in their life.


Although many people seek Therapy when they are faced with a challenge in their life that feels overwhelming, London Therapy also helps those wnating to enhance the quality of their life. It may be creating more abundance in your life or tapping into your creativity.


My Journey

As with many therapists my journey towards becoming a therapist started with my own quest for happiness and well-being. Having had a bit of a rocky start in life I found my teens and young adulthood an emotional struggle even though I was "succeeding" in the world. I found my personal relationships were where my issues surfaced and so began a long journey of self-discovery and healing. The great thing is taht I discovered all these incredible therpies along teh way which have helped so many poeple change their lives for the better.









Deborah's Qualifications

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