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Deborah has over 20 year's experience in working with children and adults to facilitate wellness and fulfilment in their lives. She currently runs London Therapy as a private practice in Forest Hill, South East London, working with adults and children of all ages, from all social-economic backgrounds. Her clients range from babies with sleep and digestion projects, children who are strugging with behavioural or emotional challenges, to adults with life threatening illnesses, depression and other life challenges.

Although many people seek Therapy when they are faced with a challenge in their life that feels overwhelming, London Therapy also helps those wanting to enhance the quality of their life. It may be creating more abundance in your life or tapping into your creativity.

My Journey

As with many therapists my journey towards becoming a therapist started with my own quest for happiness and well-being. Having had a bit of a rocky start in life I found my teens and young adulthood an emotional struggle even though I was "succeeding" in the world. I found my personal relationships were where my issues surfaced and so I began a long journey of self-discovery and healing. The great thing is that I discovered all these incredible therapies along the way which have helped so many poeple change their lives for the better.

Deborah is a qualified and experienced Energy Therapist and has an MA in Art Psychotherapy.

She has a passion for facilitating self-exploration and transformation in others using tools from all the therapies she has qualified in.

Client feedback:

"I've used Deborah many times to help me with my healing - both remedial and developmental. As someone who's been on a long healing journey for over sixteen years, I know expertise when I find it. Deborah has it in spades. And it's often difficult to define - when someone is so capable, and accepting, that their intuition and skill always leads to healing that ranges from the purely nurturing to the remarkable and utterly life-changing.”

ROB - London 2012

During the "Creative Connections" workshops you will have the opportunity to use art materials to express and explore your unconscious self. It is here that we will discover the gems to be liberated which will facilitate lasting change.

The creative process helps us access unconscious material

Deborah Lacy

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Deborah Lacy is a qualified Energy Therapists that specialises in deep transformation work. She also has an MA in Art Psychotherapy which she draws on for her Creative Connections workshops



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