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Hello and welcome,

I’m Deborah and I am the creator of London Therapy.


I’m passionate about helping others connect with their inner wisdom (and heal the past) so they feel empowered in the present; full of love, meaning, abundance and loving relationships. Combining creativity and tried and tested therapy methods in a unique and dynamic way, I facilitate healing the younger you while guided by the wise, loving part of yourself.


Together we grow a ‘love-line’ you can rely on.


Like the adults and children I work with, my past shaped me for the better and the worst.


Growing up in South Africa I was blessed to be raised by two incredible woman, and two polar-opposite men. My eccentric mother, my loving ‘nanny’, my spiritual father and my wounded step-father who brought violence and confusion into our home. This eclectic influence on my life would create devastation as well as a deep understanding of what it means to be loved. This conflict of love and fear caused deep confusion for me which resulted in me unravelling as a young adult.


My parents separated when I was 4 and from the age of 7 until 14 I lived through the trauma of Domestic Violence. Then in my late teens at university I began to have uncontrollable ‘anxiety attacks’ triggered by my relationship. For many years following, and through subsequent relationships I felt like I was on a boat out at sea with no sense of direction. I was suffering and my relationships were filled with drama. I was clinging onto my partners as if they were my life line, anchor and rudder. When the relationships combusted I would find someone new to cling to. I kept circling in a whirlpool with no sight of solid ground. I felt alone, afraid and not good enough. The powerlessness was crippling and a low level depression hung over me like a grey cloud.


But I had a ‘love-line’ deep within me. And I can help you connect to yours.


At the darkest, most desperate times there was an inner voice, a whisper that guided me to help… a book, a modality, a therapist or an experience that helped me access my inner compass. Freeing myself of the internal triggers (memories, beliefs, dogma) that were keeping me stuck in the cycle of suffering and empowering myself through meditation, ‘energy healing’, creativity and much more, I knew what was true and what was not. I trusted my Higher Self and found self-love and self-acceptance. I found myself at the helm of my life  equipped with the tools to face the a challenge we all face in life.


Now life is very different


Getting the right help on your journey means your boundaries become clearer, relationships more honest and fulfilling, choices more nurturing and you have more energy. I joined a choir, started yoga, got back into competitive swimming and qualified in many modalities. My soul sang again and I found my True North. I became a therapist.


How I can help you


I have taken all I have learnt and experienced and created a unique and powerful way of working with others. As I practiced weaving intuition and skill together, my clients experienced profound shifts and changes. Whether that was finding the strength to leave a destructive relationship and move across the globe, or experience a remarkable physical recovery doctors could not explain. I can help you access that inner guidance and change your life for the better. Free yourself of old traumas, beliefs and unconscious patterns that are holding you back or creating health projects.


What am I up to now?


Recently my 11 year old daughter and I completed the ‘20 hours in the bathroom’ challenge, I won a medal at the UK Masters National Swimming champs and because nothing is more important to me, I got ‘love’ tattooed on my arm. There may be judgements in life from others but I know that the deepest happiness and love comes from being authentically you.


Light your fire. Choose you.





Deborah’s Qualifications:


MA Art Psychotherapy, JSJ, EFT, The Journey, & LiberatingTouch, Practitioner.

Deborah Lacy

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Deborah Lacy is a qualified Energy Therapists that specialises in deep transformation work. She has an MA in Art Psychotherapy which she draws on for her Creative Connections workshops.




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