• Qualified Art Therapist Deborah Lacy works successfuly with clients online.


  • Using tools from a variety of therapies, Deborah works in a unique way to facilitate health and well being.


  • Whether you have a health project, relationship issues, are grieving or you are finding life overwhelming, Deborah's sessions can help bring relief and clarity. As well as provide you with tools to empower yourself in taking charge of change in your life.


  • Contact Deborah for more infromation or to book a session, or read furher information on the therapies below.



Liberating Touch


Liberating Touch combines EFT, Jin Shin Jyutsu and whole lot more to create a magical Practice where you can begin to be free of limiting beliefs and ailments that you feel are holding you back from expressing your true self.


A therapy for people who are ready to create profound change in their life and live from a place of Love and Truth.





Jin Shin Jyutsu


This ancient Japanese physio-philosophy - think Acupuncture without the needles - profoundly facilitates your bodies innate ability to heal itself.


A hands on therapy applied over clothing Jin Shin Jyutsu is great for any physical projects, creating emotional stability and de-stressing.


A great tool to take away with you and apply at home to support your journey in between sessions.



The Journey


Experinced in a deep state of relaxation, The Journey process helps access and release stuck emotions and traumas that are causing physical or emotional dis-ease in your life.


Clear these suppressed (and sometimes forgoten, lost emotions) while getting some great new inner resources and start living from a place of joy, health and well being.



EFT (Tapping)


Also known as "Tapping" this "East meets West" therapy incorporates focusing on presenting issues (emotional or physical) while tapping on points on the face, body and hands.


Based on the premise that all negative emotions (pain) are felt through a disruption in the bodies energy field. Tapping balances this disruption usually creating instant relief.



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